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Ceramic Coatings Industry

Nano Ceramic Protect 9H is designed as an industrial ceramic coating for all surfaces. Its complex composition creates a permanent and invisible protective layer that ensures maximum durability and strength!

Innovative ideas


Due to the variety of possible areas of application of our ceramic 9H coating, it is also becoming more and more popular in industry. The Nano Ceramic Protect ceramic 9H coating is suitable for numerous surfaces such as steel, copper, stainless steel, bronze, zinc-nickel, precious metals, GFX, plexiglass and much more. Our transparent and highly resistant coating forms a long-lasting and dirt-resistant protective layer. This means that damage from resins, acids, salts, weather conditions and mechanical influences have no chance.

→ Significantly shorter cleaning intervals
→ Excellent water and dirt repellent properties
→ Reduces fingerprints on the surface
→ Safe for human health and the environment
→ Creates a hygienic surface
→ Protects against all environmental influences
→ Corrosion protection
→ Permanent protective layer
→ Can only be removed mechanically
→ Excellent dirt-repellent properties
→ Resistant to harmful chemicals
→ Temperature resistant from -50 °C to +1500 °C

Metal Surfaces

Hotels & Restaurants


In hotels and restaurants in particular, inventory is exposed to special demands. Not only the permanent use by the guest, but also the regular cleaning required as a result, ensure a high level of wear and tear. The cleaning effort is enormous and the costs for cleaning staff, cleaning utensils and cleaning agents are very high. With our surface refinements, we can solve several problems in hotels and restaurants and also reduce the environmental impact.

→ Glass shower doors
→ Fittings
→ Tiles
→ Floor tiles
→ Marble
→ Windows
→ WC & Bidet
→ Mirrors
→ Painted surfaces
→ Ceramic surfaces

Metal Surfaces   

Nano Ceramic Protect 9H is designed as an industrial ceramic coating for all surfaces. Its complex composition creates a permanent and invisible protective layer that ensures maximum durability and strength!

The coatings from Nano Ceramic Protect offer you maximum value and durability!


Our highly transparent ceramic 9H coating is suitable for numerous metal surfaces such as bronze, precious metals, stainless steel, galvanized metals, copper and much more. NCP 9H offers excellent and permanent protection against corrosion and wear even in the toughest industrial environments. Also, prevent rust and dulling of metal surfaces with a highly heat-resistant, clear coating that forms an effective barrier against steam, moisture and salts for bare or polished metal surfaces such as blasted steel, aluminum, brass or other metal surfaces. The coating from Nano Ceramic Protect offer you maximum value and durability!

 Solar Systems    


NCP has carried out solar module tests on a total area of 1000m². The product application for Nano Ceramic Protect® Red 9H was carried out by Nano Ceramic Protect® Spraying SATA SYSTEM. The tests lasted more than 12 months. The effects are very satisfactory. On sunny days, the average energy gain was assumed to be 5% and on cloudy days it was 25%. NCP9H Red increases the surface tension and hydrophobicity considerably, so that no dirt adheres to the protected surface.

The application can also be carried out on previously installed panels. However, prior preparation is required. Tests are currently in progress. Tests are currently being carried out in one of the largest groups that manufacture solar collectors in order to introduce the ceramic protection Nano Ceramic Protect® into series production.


Our 9H ceramic coating knows no bounds! Construction vehicles, construction equipment, cranes, agricultural machinery and systems can also be protected over the long term. These are often exposed to adverse conditions and are usually an expensive investment! Thanks to our ceramic coating, the surfaces are permanently protected, also against corrosion, UV radiation and graffiti. By using our NCP 9H ceramic coating to protect your most valuable items, which you use every day, you can also keep cleaning and maintenance to a minimum. Due to the low use of materials, our transparent and permanent ceramic coating is particularly suitable for large-area areas of application. This means that damage caused by weather, resins, salts and mechanical influences no longer has a chance of damaging the surface.

Watches & Jewellery


High quality watches are already made from some of the most durable materials. However, silver, gold, and platinum are still prone to scratching, and even the most durable materials will stain water and build up deposits. A coating with Nano Ceramic Protect 9H can prevent all of this. Your watch will shine without polishing, be protected from damage and always look flawless. Our ceramic coating gives your watch a high-gloss finish so that it always looks like new. Nano Ceramic Protect 9H is also absolutely chemical-resistant and prevents fading and damage from minerals or harsh chemicals.


Road Signs     

Nobody wants to invest a lot of money in a sign and have it looking dirty and weathered in just a few years. The invisible 9H glass-like surface that protects a coated surface offers incredible UV protection. Harmful UV rays are the number one cause of sign fading. The second is warmth. NCP 9H protects against both. A sign coated with our ceramic sealant will not fade with a very obvious color fastness that cannot be achieved any other way. In addition, the smoothness of a coated surface is much easier to clean. This means that the maintenance time for removing dust, dirt and bird droppings is greatly reduced. In addition, the coating of metal signs, such as aluminum signs, protects the substrate from oxidation.

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