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Ceramic Coatings Home

Give your kitchens and bathrooms the finishing touches to perfection. We offer high quality protective coatings for various surfaces and applications throughout your home. It’s your biggest investment – protect it and make cleaning a lot easier.

Innovative ideas


Owning a home is a wonderful feeling, but also a great responsibility. Why not keep your home in great condition by applying Nano Ceramic Protect ceramic coatings to your windows, sinks, bathroom fixtures, plumbing, granite countertops, appliances and more. The advantages of the ceramic coating are obvious:

→ Significantly shorter cleaning intervals
→ Excellent water and dirt repellent properties
→ Reduces fingerprints on the surface
→ Safe for human health and the environment
→ Creates a hygienic surface
→ Protects against all environmental influences
→ Protects against limescale deposits
→ Temperature resistant from -50 °C to + 1500 °C
→ No more dull surfaces
→ Resistant to harmful chemicals



Water with a high degree of hardness, soap and shampoo residues, limescale deposits in connection with bath cosmetics leave annoying marks on tiles, fittings and glass shower doors. The hydrophobic properties of NCP9H prevent these contaminants from sticking to the surface, making cleaning easy. Glass shower doors stay crystal clear longer and can easily remove soap residues and stubborn limescale stains.

→ Glass shower doors
→ Wash basin
→ Fittings
→ Floor tiles
→ Painted surfaces
→ Marble
→ Tiles
→ Plexiglas
→ Window
→ Ceramic surfaces



Nano Ceramic Protect 9H permanently protects the surfaces in your kitchen! Once applied, food and other contaminants cannot adhere to the surface. This results in a completely hygienic surface that is easier to clean than ever before. All you need is water and a mild detergent to remove even the toughest of stains. The fingerprints you hate on your fridge and the nasty water stains are gone and your kitchen will always look perfect!

→ Hobs
→ Stainless steel devices
→ Tiles
→ Painted surfaces
→ Extractor hood
→ Window
→ Refrigerator (outside)
→ Ceramic surfaces



By using our NCP9H ceramic coating to protect your most valuable items, which you use every day, you can also keep cleaning and maintenance to a minimum. Due to the low use of materials, our transparent and permanent ceramic coating is particularly suitable for large-area areas of application. This means that damage caused by weather, resins, salts and mechanical influences no longer has a chance of damaging the surface. Also protects the sealed surface from moss and discoloration.

Areas of application: garden furniture made of teak wood, natural stone, marble, granite, sandstone, fireplaces, whirlpools and more!



Nano Ceramic Protect – So that your textiles look like new for a long time! Fabric Coat was used for sealing all textile surfaces, e.g. upholstered furniture, car seats, shoes, handbags and much more. developed. Our textile sealing creates a strong and invisible coating that not only protects fabrics and fabrics against dirt and liquids, but also against dangerous UV rays, which can easily fade the fabric.

NCP Fabric Coat has strong water-repellent properties, which largely prevents the absorption of dirt and enables particularly easy cleaning. Once applied, the water-repellent effect will last for a long time! Also ideal for convertible roofs!

Nano Ceramic Protect Hard 6H Blue - GLASS & WINDOWS PROTECTION


Our coating for private users is suitable for all glass and ceramic surfaces. After the treatment, an invisible protective layer is created on the surface, a kind of protective shield against environmental influences and allows dirt, limescale or water to simply roll off. The surface stays clean longer and is easier to clean. NCP Hard 6H Blue leaves a long-lasting, perfect and streak-free deep shine. Ceramic sealing 6H for perfect cleanliness and hygiene in the sanitary area. Thanks to the non-stick coating, it is difficult for harmful bacteria and fungi to multiply and spread on the ultra-smooth surface. Annoying limescale deposits are also a thing of the past. Soiling and limescale can simply be rinsed off the sealed surface with clear water without the use of aggressive cleaning agents. The seal comes in a practical set with a super soft sponge applicator and a microfiber cloth. Before use, the surface to be sealed must be carefully cleaned and degreased. Then the sealant is applied evenly with the applicator in a cross method. Polish after 5 minutes with the cloth. The maximum effect occurs after 3 hours of curing time. Areas of application: bathtubs, wash basins, toilets, toilet lids, mirrors, glass showers, plexiglass showers, shower enclosures, fittings, faucets, chrome surfaces, wall tiles and windows. The application is very easy and only takes a few minutes. The surface is cleaned and degreased with the NCP Remover. The sealant is then applied as thinly as possible to the clean and dry surface using the cross method. After a drying time of 5-10 minutes, polish with the microfiber cloth included in the set and you're done.

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